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How to prepare for an open home inspection

Preparing your property for an open house inspection is a big day and can be the deal breaker in securing an offer with a potential buyer. In order to feel prepared and to get the best results, follow this checklist of simple tips.

Ensure your property is clean and tidy

Make sure your whole property is clean and tidy when the buyers arrive, including the gardens and outdoor area. Don’t forget to clean inside the cupboards, wardrobes and other nooks in case the buyers are curious. Remove shoes from the entranceway and any other trip hazards on the floor. Clear out the mailbox and the indoor and outdoor bins to avoid any odours.

Let in some light and fresh air

If the weather permits, open the windows and doors to allow some fresh air flow through the property to avoid it from feeling too stuffy. The natural light will help in making the property look bright and inviting.

Remove pets

Removing all traces of your pet from the property will prevent potential buyers from being put off. One of the most common complaints from buyers is those tell-tale signs that someone furry lives in the house. Deodorise your property to remove any animal odours, clean away traces of hair from floors and furniture, stow feeding bowls and toys, remove any litter boxes or droppings from the garden and give your pets a vacation during inspection day.

Add a few personal touches

A few personal touches will help the buyer feel welcomed and invited into the space, encouraging them to envisage themselves living in your property. Fresh flowers, some fluffed up pillows on the bed, or some fresh towels and toiletries in the bathroom will help create the right atmosphere. It’s about striking a balance between presenting a warm, homely environment and allowing enough mental space for a prospective buyer to imaging themselves living in your home -which means stowing away any personal and family photographs.

Think about security

Take care to remove and protect anything precious or valuable before your open house inspection. You can take items with you if you are leaving the premises or lock them away somewhere safe and out of sight. Agents usually record the details of people coming through the property; however, this is not a perfect system and should not be relied upon.

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