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The Value of Real Estate Marketing

It’s hard to overstate the importance of marketing in a sales campaign. If a property doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor for a potential buyer, you could have problems getting them to the open home. A house for sale is no good without the right buyers knowing that it is for sale.

These days, the key for buyers’ hearts and minds is being captured by a sophisticated marketing campaign, therefore a good investment into this part of the sales campaign could boost the overall sale price of your property.

When working with your real estate agent, it’s important to understand what type of marketing campaign they recommend. A good real estate agent will tailor the campaign depending on the target audience for your property – whether it be signboards, letterbox drops, online listings etc.

Marketing has come a long way, with modern campaigns featuring a mix of daytime, dusk, elevated and aerial photography, coupled with marketing tools such as floorplans, virtual and online tours, and virtual furniture. To help you understand what type of tools could be involved in your marketing plan, we have put together a list of some of the essential items that are the must-haves in any real estate marketing campaign.

While daytime photography is the cornerstone of most campaigns, it’s helpful to understand the importance of other types of photography and tools. Let’s take a closer look at each of these and what benefit they can add to your campaign.

Dusk Photography

The blend of natural and artificial light creates a warm, welcoming and impressive atmosphere. Dusk photography gives a campaign the ‘wow’ factor, bringing properties to life and helping buyers imagine returning to a welcoming home.

Elevated and Aerial Photography

This type of photography is great for highlighting external selling points, such as size, location, pool, landscaping and surrounding topography, none of which can be captured by regular photography.

Floor Plans

There are several types of floorplans to choose from, all of which can be essential in conveying information to the buyer to help them in their purchasing decision. These days, there’s more to choose from than just the original black and white floor plan.

Coloured floor plans could make your listing stand out from the crowd, whereas textured plans can illustrate a home’s finishes such as tiles or decking. Furnished plans can also be used to give buyers an idea of potential furniture placement.


Great photography plays an integral part in making that first impression, but a video can get the property over the line. Most professional agents understand that when they add a video to their web advertisement, it can increase the click-through rate substantially. Which will more often than not lead to more foot traffic through your open home.

A property video is a great way to highlight the unique features of the property, helping buyers understand how it would feel to live in the space. At Universal Property, we create videos that have a unique blend of property footage and agent profile footage. These videos feature our agents walking and talking viewers through the property, whilst highlighting lifestyle and property features.

Virtual Furniture

Styling and staging your home are a great way to boost the sale price of your home as it allows buyers to imaging themselves living in this space. Whilst property staging or hiring furniture can be expensive, a more affordable option is to virtually furnish rooms. This cutting-edge technique involves digitally inserting images of furniture into a picture, creating a highly realistic finish.

360-Degree Virtual Tours

Another powerful marketing tool is a virtual tour, where multiple images are seamlessly blended to form an uninterrupted 360 degree rotating tour, allowing buyers to virtually inspect a property online. This opens your property up to buyers who are unable to physically inspect the home.

Completing your House Sale with Universal Property

Whether you are preparing to sell or looking for more information, Universal Property is here to assist you in your sales journey. We offer you a superior and personalised service that helps make the selling process as smooth as possible.

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