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Should you be selling your property right now?

Yes. Yes, you should sell your property. I’m a real estate agent, of course you should. But is selling your property going benefit you now & in the future? Let’s explore.


  1. The market is HOT

How many times have you heard a real estate agent say “the market is so strong right now, you will get a HUGE price” at least 30 times this week?

Yes, the market is a seller’s market right now. My clients are getting amazing results when they have decided to sell their property with me. However, they have been very clear on what they will do after they sell.

I’ve heard too many stories of real estate agents pushing home owners to sell, giving their clients poor advice and without concern for what their clients will do after the sale.


  1. Be clear on your Next Move

Whether it be moving in with your family until you find your new dream home, purchasing a block of land or penthouse apartment you’ve been eying off, or even putting the settlement back into your account. It is important to have a plan. In this market, if you are selling to then buy another property, you can also decide your terms to give you time.


  1. You Set The Terms – Clear Communication

Set your terms & be specific. Agents work for you. That is our job & we will do our very best to do so. Which is why it is important to set your ideal settlement dates, deposit, price (obviously) and other key terms before you start the selling process.

This could be that you need 45 days to settle to then co-ordinate buying your next property or having an investment property settle on a specific date to align with your tax.

Whatever it may be, have clear communication with your agent so they know how to best assist you with the sale.


So yes, selling your property in this market will be profitable, but only after you have become clear on your next move and the terms of sale. If you would like to know more about my selling process or to get a free house appraisal, you can contact me via the details below.


Jesse Malthouse

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